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Member Competition Results

1st                 Marita Byrne              (19)             37 Points 2nd                Linda Byrne                (13)             35 Points 3rd                 Muireann MCarthy       (28)             34 Points...

MULRENNAN CUP RESULTS   1st           Jim Byrne (12)       42 Points 2nd         Willie Doyle (9)    39 Points Gross      Nick Byrne (8)      31 Gr Points 3rd           Tony Foran (11)    38 Points 4th            Pat Nolan (13)       37 Points CSS 73/35 Points...

Pro’s Prize: Ian Kerr Sponsored by: IFK Golf Ltd Men’s Results: 1st                Dan Byrne                     (17)                      66 Nett   2nd               Niall Maher                    (12)                      69 Nett   Gross                    Rory McCarthy             (2)                        72 Gross   3rd               Andy Kavanagh             (12)                      72 Nett   4th               Vivian Galligan              (21)                      72 Nett     Ladies Results 1st                Joanne Kenny                (17)                      70 Nett   2nd               Evelyn Mulrennan                   (34)                     ...