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Author: bunclodygc

1st          Alan Phelan         (2)    Rathdowney                      Lar Ryan              (5)    Rathdowney                Martin Devlin      (9)    Rathdowney                Tony Coady         (13)   Rathdowney            59.1   2nd      D Moylan              (11)      Slievenamon              P Buckley              (10)     Slievenamon              D Maher                (19)     Slievenamon              D Dunne                (17)      Kilkenny               59.3   3rd     Cian O'Mahony      (6)      Lahinch            Niall O'Mahony      (12)    Lahinch            Sean O'Daignan      (9)      Royal Tara            Paul...

1st        Adrian Dunne     (8)       Bunclody          38 Points 2nd      Pauline Scully      (21)    Rathfarnham    37 Points Gross   Clive Murphy      (5)     Bunclody            32 Points 3rd       Chris Hoban        (9)      Wtaerford          35 Points...

1st          Liam O'Leary       (12)       30 Points 2nd        Vincent Murphy   (11)       28 Points Gross     James Morrisey   (5)         26 Points 3rd        Ben McLellan         (13)       28 Points...