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Hello World!

Hello World!

Photo 05-01-2018, 17 01 09Welcome to the Bunclody Golf Blog

This is the first instalment of what will be a regular blog post from Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club. We will bring you news from on the course, off the course and the wider golfing world.


Santa made a visit to Bunclody as part of his busy Christmas travel period. Santa’s sleigh arrived at around 3 pm last Sunday afternoon. While the reindeer took a rest on the course Santa made his way down to the clubhouse where he met the boys and girls from the ‘nice’ list. Santa received a warm reception and his visit was marked with a Bunclody style Christmas celebration! Many thanks to everyone who made it possible for Santa to visit.

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Tiger’s back!

We were here this time last year when Tiger played reasonably well in the Hero but the omens certainly look good for Tiger to at least be competitive again after this year’s staging of the same event. It’s probably too early to say if Tiger is truly back but one thing is certain the world will be watching golf again. The writer of this blog is considering getting his own back fused!

Course News

While the maintenance of the golf course tapers down a bit in the winter it still needs minding. Mark and the green keeping team are busy keeping the course free of leaves, trying to minimise traffic on the greens and setting the course up to limit the damage from cold, frost, snow and rain. Unlike many clubs who use temporary greens or play off mats in the winter all greens and teeboxes remain in play throughout the year. The course remains in great nick despite the recent cold snap which is testament to the hard work of the green keepers. Very much the unsung heroes of the golf club.

Pro’s tip

Don’t you just hate hitting it fat in the soft winter conditions? This is particularly an issue on pitch and chip shots. Gary McLean our PGA pro has a tip that might help.

Rather than focusing excessively on the perfect strike try to focus on rotating your body through to a good finish position. Using the big muscles in your body rather than your hands and arms will allow yoPhoto 22-12-2017, 18 30 49u to achieve more consistency. An added benefit is that clearing the left hip and rotating the upper body through on your pitch shots will allow you to use the same ‘feel’ in your short game and your long game.

The drill

Next time you hit a bucket of balls, try hitting ten or fifteen balls in a row with your feet and legs together. This is a good way to develop the feeling of clearing the left hip and rotating the upper body through. You will lose your balance and make a poor strike if you don’t clear the left hip and rotate the body in sequence. Once you think you have the timing right take your normal address position and try to bring that feel into your full swing. Repeat until you are comfortable you have the developed the timing and feel.

Happy Christmas

With the end of the year in sight we would like to thank all our members and visitors for their support throughout the year. Happy Christmas from everyone here at Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club and best wishes for 2018.

Christmas Events

We’ll be ready to welcome you over the Christmas period when the festive cabin fever kicks in!

Check out our Open Competitions which run from the 26th to the 31st December and don’t forget we have live music on St Stephen’s Night and New Year’s Eve! If you would like to find out more please do call 053 9374444.